Mineral Water

Mineral Water Springs are yours for the tasting.
In days gone by, it was the allure of gold that drew people to this verdant land. Today, it’s the elixir of life. Water. Or more specifically, the underground network of natural mineral aquifers
that are more abundant here than anywhere else in Australia. In fact, 85% of the country’s natural mineral springs are found in this region.

It’s called mineral water for a reason. Sourced from nature, the abundance of mineral springs in this region possess naturally occurring essential minerals that have been lauded for their health benefits for centuries.

The natural mineral springs bring life to this region, evident in the lushness of the landscapes and the very special tastiness of the produce grown in the mineral rich earth. It’s no co-incidence that the words bio-dynamic, organic and natural apply to so many of the area’s food and wine producers, and why their produce is sought after by anyone who cares about what they eat and drink.

Most of the region’s natural springs are located in the areas surrounding Daylesford, Hepburn Springs and Kyneton, with many located on public land where the water can be tasted and pumped directly from the ground.

Taste the waters for yourself:

  • Hepburn Mineral Springs Reserve features a number of different tasting springs including Soda, Locarno, Sulphur, Wyuna and Argyle Spring. (Mineral Springs Crescent, Hepburn Springs)
  • Kyneton Mineral Springs Reserve – Burton Avenue, Kyneton
  • Wombat Flat Mineral Spring – Lake Daylesford (via King Street)
  • Glenlyon Mineral Springs Reserve – Malmsbury-Daylesford Road, Glenlyon
  • Central Springs Reserve – Lake Daylesford (via Fulcher Street)
  • Jubilee Spring – Lake Jubilee, Daylesford
  • Vaughan Springs – Castlemaine Diggings National Heritage Park
  • Taradale Mineral Springs Reserve ñ Jackson Street, Taradale