Jennifer Henderson

Jennifer Henderson is a qualified, experienced educator with a Bachelor of Education. Currently studying Positive Psychology and raising her 4 young children, she is always acquiring and applying new knowledge to live a life that is integrated and fulfilling.

As a speaker and mentor, Jennifer is skilled at engaging her audience and motivating them to discover the wonderous elements that make them unique. With her breadth in reading and ability to translate her knowledge into accessible experiences, she makes learning both interesting and clear. Jennifer brings her passion and curiosity for living a life well lived, to all elements of her life and inspires the same in others. 

Jennifer uses humility and gratitude, as she incorporates her personal experiences to make meaningful connections with others. She is open about her life changing event of losing her mother in early adulthood, and the internal struggles she endured to understand life through personal suffering. 

Jennifer lives in the Macedon Ranges on small acreage where she spends time with her large family. She has a strong sense of community and enjoys spending time with people. She also takes pleasure in her quiet, introspective pursuits of painting, gardening and cooking.



Live.Love.Life. Self Workshop

Nov 18